How To Make Money From Blogging

Hello to all you budding bloggers and following on from yesterday’s blog post here are my tips that may help you along your blogging path. A guide to help you possibly become a top lifestyle blogger and making money from blogging. This is what I have learnt so far from having a blog. Tips that may help you become a top blogger or be on the list of top blogs.

1. SEO. (Search engine optimisation) these are the
key words or phrases that people type into a search engine like Google. I hope that makes that easier to understand. Like “Make money from blogging” … “How to have a successful blog” or “Top lifestyle blogger tips” These are as important as the pictures you take and the way you write.
So think about what you would type into Google if you were looking for something on the internet. Using a title like “Easy cake recipes” NOT “I made this fun quick cake” improves the chances of finding your blog.

2. Pictures. Omg so so important… photography is so huge to me!
Think about the background and the composition. Don’t take a picture of yourself surrounded by washing and a messy bedroom if you want a top fashion blog. Get out and about.

If you want to be a full time top lifestyle blogger like myself, I believe in doing things 150% or not at all. Even part time bloggers need to put in the extra effort now as there is so much competition out there. Do the best you can for yourself and your readers. I love my little blog so much so I spoil it rotten… its like my child!!

3. Products. look amazing on natural backgrounds such as a pile of leaves…not your daughters bedding or an old lunchbox. I see so many bad blogs it makes me cross! A little effort will make the brand proud.4. Lighting. it’s all about natural light. My pet hate is the dreaded FLASH! I see soooo many people take pictures of food in restaurants with the flash. Just yucky and it makes the food look plastic, natural daylight is best. I only resort to using the flash if I really have to. Try different things and push your skills, odd angles like looking down on an object. I have been known to lay completely flat on the pavement to get the shot I want!! Don’t be scared and just give it a go!

5. Writing. Write how you would just chat to someone. Say aloud what you are about to type.

Don’t just copy and paste some information from a beauty website or a shopping site that you have found. It’s wrong and more than anything could get you in serious trouble legally. More importantly google may black list your site for not having original copy.

I write for Ian’s Mum and for my friends and family I don’t see that often, so for it to be read and loved by others is amazing.

6. Proof read. I’m Dyslexic and read things over and over. (Apologies if you find a typo but this is my quirk and I’m not ashamed of it as it’s me) jokes aside… check as much as you cam (easily done, anyone see the mistake???!)

7. Followers. This one doesn’t really matter but unfortunately it does to so many, you need them to build your audience but it shouldn’t make you discouraged. Don’t worry about the fact you only have 200 Twitter followers! It’s quality not quantity. You do need to make sure you inform your social media outlets! Make sure you tweet when you have posted a blog. Remember to tag any designers or brands when you do. Not to get freebies but just so they know your on the radar.

The Most Important Tip to become a Top Lifestyle Blogger and How to make money blogging

8. Tagging and meta data. Omg this is such a bore, but do it … tag away like crazy. Make sure all the SEO and featured words are in all the meta dating description boxes. It takes a serious amount of time but its so worth it in the end. So make sure you tag the following…

  • Pictures,
  • Video clips,
  • Articles,
  • Featured pictures.
  • Feature Images
  • Headings with key words
  • H2 Headings
  • URL slugs
  • Embedded text in your photograph descriptions.

There is so much to do but if you do it right you could just earn a living from your lovely little blog just like me! Its taken a few years to get to this stage and it can be a love hate relationship at times but it can be done guys! Don’t give up and remember you need to get seen by google so your blog can be seen by readers!

If there is anything you would like to know I have not mentioned in this rather long post then let me know!!!