How To Start Wearing White 

The obvious way I can answer how to start wearing white is grab a crisp white shirt. But if like me you want to be a little different get your hands on an oversized one. Tuck it in but only at the front to show off the form of the shirt. I love this one as it's very masculine but has a girlie twist with its pretty sleeves. 

How To Style The Oversized Shirt

Sleeves are currently still a big area for trends. Bows, ruffles and even cutting them off yourself and creating loose deconstructed bows. Get creative! Sleeves are here to stay for another few seasons so invest in them! 

If like me your prone to messing up a nice clean white top you might like to think outside the box! Fortunately this outfit made it till the end of the day! By fluke more than luck! Although if I'm really honest the collar had seen better days by the time I got undressed for bed! 

How To Style The Oversized Shirt
How To Style The Oversized Shirt

How To Wear White Tips

  1. Add white it with accessories. Earnings & necklaces with instantly freshen up an outfit 
  2. Bangles of all descriptions are another way to inject this tricky colour 
  3. Get those 80s heels out girls they are making a come back!
  4. Pop on a cute bag
  5. white nails! When they are done perfectly a white manicure can look seriously stylish!  
How To Style The Oversized Shirt
How To Style The Oversized Shirt

I hope that's helped you a little with a rather tricky shade for most of us makeup loving ladies!! 

I'm wearing Zara jeans & Heels (old) H&M shirt, Prada bag, Topshop belt, MCM sunglasses & Gucci Love bangle. 

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