My Hair Care Routine

My look has evolved somewhat in the last few months. One factor is that I’ve ditched the hair extensions and clip in hair pieces. I have opted for a more natural look now my hair has grown out after it was badly damaged and melted 2 years ago. I’m loving how natural it feels once again. Outfits feel less contrived and easy when your hair is feeling beautiful. I put this down to Olaplex as it’s a miracle cure for damaged, dry and parched hair follicles. Rebuilding your confidence through your crowning glory has a lot to answer for. My hair care routine has changed since I discovered Olaplex. Gone are the days go stressing about having my hair lightened in favour of a more sun kissed look. 

Olaplex works at a molecular level by rebuilding the hair shaft and repairs the broken keratin bonds your hair. It essentially repairs hair from within. I haven’t looked back since discovering Olaplex. My hair feels fresh as a daisy, glossy and strong. Just how I’m feeling in life. When your hair feels good, you feel good. Celebrity fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and many more. 

if your long hair suffers from breakage, weakness, split ends, heat damage and over processing Olaplex is your new best friend. It works by knitting the keratin bonds in your hair back together. This meaning that after just one treatment, your frazzled hair will be left looking shiny, healthy and softer. You can find a salon that does the treatment fairly easily as its taking the world by storm.

All 3 treatments can be used with any other hair brands out there and any salon or consumer can incorporate it into their hair care regime. Its a real miracle cure for any woman desiring luscious locks. 

I will take you back in time before I came across Olaplex. I had been to hell and back with my hair, Its taken 2 years to grow out one hell of a mess. I stupidly went very blonde a couple of years ago and regretted it so much. At first the beautiful golden hair was amazing and I'd get complimented on it everywhere I went, but after days, and days spent outside shooting images for clients in the sunshine left it parched and weak.

My Hair Care Routine

I decided enough was enough and nipped to a local hairdressers in London to get the drenched, bleached look reverted back to a more sensible shade of dark blonde. Nearer my own natural shade and colour of light brown. Well thats when the problems really started. As soon as I left the salon I realised my hair was a dull shade of khaki. She'd obviously not applied a red tone to compensate for the undertones and blonde pigments. 

My Hair Care Routine

Then it became very apparent something else had gone afoot. My hair started to fall out. Yes, fall out in big chunks, or stretch like chewing gum. It was ruined and I had no choice but to cut the entire lot off into a very short pixie crop. I hated it and felt so uncomfortable in my own body. 

I had no idea what to do other than wear wigs for over an entire year. I went into hair protection mode and researched loads of brands to help maintain, repair and replenish my fresh regrowth. One brand that stood out was Olaplex. 

My Hair Care Routine

Olaplex has been arounf for about 3 years and is a revolution in the hair industry. It was invented after a family's son got meningitis and lots his eyesight. The father wanted to create something that repaired the retina in eyes to give the sight back to his wonderful son. Sadly after countless research it failed. But what happened in the process was amazing. The family and the scientists discovered it repaired hair. Not just repaired the hair but gave it vibrance and reenforced the hair shaft during and after colour processing. A new system was born out of stem cell research that is now used in almost every salon worldwide.

I have been using Olaplex every week for over 18 months after my hideous ordeal. Nothing like the pain and anguish of loosing your sight. And nothing near as traumatic as this lovely family has had to deal with. Out of something so horrific they have shaken up the hair industry and created a shift in the way we perceive haircare. 

My Hair Care Routine Tips

My Hair Care Routine
  1. I use Olaplex once a week if I'm not doing much to damage it. More if I'm styling it with heat or upping my swimming sessions. I'm very mindful of keeping it in tip top condition
  2. I always apply Olaplex to freshly washed damp hair as this opens up the hair follicles enabling the product to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft
  3. When using Olaplex I skip my conditioner as I want the follicles to be open 
  4. I leave the treatment on for as long as possible. I tend to leave mine on over night, but I make sure not to get it into my eyes. So I tie my hair up in a secure band. If you have really long hair I would advise washing it off before you sleep
  5. Wash the mask off under the shower then shampoo and condition as usual
  6. Always apply a heat protection spray when drying or using heat appliances and you will see a huge difference in the overall appearance of your hair.
  7. On days when I'm working in my salon or I'm just editing pictures for clients I tend to wear my hair up. If I'm not going out my hair is left to settle
  8. I get regular cuts every 6-8 weeks to help the ends not get too worn out. Tired looking hair will only make it look 100s worse. Fresh ends actually make your hair look longer
  9. I lap up compliments now about my hair. I'm seriously proud of the way it looks and I'm never going to take the health of my hair for granted ever again

I urge you to try Olaplex as it's made such a difference to my hair, its appearance and its overall radiance. 

Sarah Bacchus