One Of Those Days

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Whenever you are having one of those days when all you want to do is curl up in a cozy jumper and sink into the sofa, think again. Throw on a pair of denim studio jeans and you will instantly feel ultra sophisticated. Along with a cozy cashmere jumper and a nice bright lipstick. It will pick you up in an instant. I have been so busy recently with business plans and jetting off all over the country. I have been feeling very glad to be at home in my beautiful apartment, in my own bed, with my husband and fur babies! We take simple things for granted most of the time. Rest and relaxation is vital for self development. But you won't find me in my PJ's during the day. That for me is the biggest no, no. 

One of those days 

Dull and dismal days need to be converted into sunny, bright, and feel good days. Even days when I’m just sitting about planning meetings, reading clients profiles for photoshoots or editing images I try to at least put on some makeup and a favourite item of clothing.

All too often we can fall into a lazy slump. Days off, not seeing anyone, not going anywhere or those drizzly days at home drinking gallons of ginger tea in our Pjs. I’m not totally exempt in this as on occasion I will have a lie in now and again, but I do feel better when I make an effort. Save the house coats, slippers and the lounge wear for the evening. Get up, get dressed and get that hair brushed.

One of those days, lifestyle blogger, blogger, fashion blogger, 

Styling the basic knit is as easy as anything. All you need are a few basic items you love to make you feel and look a million dollars.

This look consists of this soft cashmere jumper and jeans from Sass & Edge. A glorious new shop located in Winchester my home town. A quality jumper is the perfect update for any wardrobe for Autumn. Wear it with on its own or with a crisp white shirt for a more polished look when not relaxing at home with naughty dogs!

One of those days, lifestyle blogger, blogger, fashion blogger,