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Body Reform Program

Something that I have been working rather hard on recently is myself! I am feeling really amazing right now and it's all down to self care. The type of care we all tell ourselves we should adopt, you know the kind that we normally never get round to doing anything about! I had a huge wake up call about 6 weeks ago and I wasn't happy at all.

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How To Style Leopard Print For Every Body Shape

I have been obsessed with leopard print for many years and I’’m delighted that its hitting the high street, stores and little boutiques hard this coming season. What was once thought of as an Autumn or Winter print is being taken so seriously for summer. Along with summer sequins (cry's with happiness) but thats for another styling article altogether! 

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London Fashion Week Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Here is the look I created for Fashions Finest's magazine during London Fashion Week AW2017. My LFW marble nail art tutorial looks on first glance to be very difficult but in reality it's one of the easiest looks you can create. Whats more exciting is that you can indulge your inner artist and fashion style at the same time as these can be created in any colour your heart desires.  

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