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Skype Makeup Lessons

Every morning, we choose how we want to present ourselves to the world. Making the right choices is very easy with a keen eye. Some days we don't have the energy and I for one love no makeup days, casual messy hair in a bun and lounging or writing in my jogging bottoms. But I equally love to dress up and look stylish in every way possible. And that includes my makeup. I'm thrilled to announce that I'm launching Skype Makeup & Styling lessons so you can now learn all the little tricks to looking good in mere minutes!

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2/52 Reflecting

Reflecting over past events I came to a sudden realisation that we are all evolving and changing as people every moment of every day. Each and every thought process and interaction with ourselves and others creates the path we take. At any single moment you can have an altered perspective on life.

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10 Steps To The Perfect Photographic Makeup 

Seeing as I'm normally in front of the camera most weekends for my beauty, style and inspiration section on the blog I thought it might be fun for you to come to work with me. Today you get a look behind the scenes when I'm on a photoshoot for a client and learn a few tricks. The main focus to this look was the 10 steps to perfect Photographic makeup.

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