The Mascara Of My Dreams

It's a Long Story and I have fallen in love....with a mascara! I have discovered Arbonne's products recently and signed up as a consultant due to one item and that's their mascara. They only have one out there but its by far the best I've ever used. Now thats says a lot coming from me as I'm a professional makeup artist. It's the mascara of my dreams and at last I've found the one!

I have found that does not irritate my sensitive eyes. The ingredients are all natural and vegan with no petroleum jelly or oils. This mascara lasts so well, all day in fact. And over time helps to add fullness, strength, and lengthen your lashes due to the natural, chemical free ingredients.

I can report that my lashes have grown since using this in the last 2 weeks. Not much but they are most defiantly looking incredible. The more I use this the more they will grow and the health of my lashes will be prologed. Lashes take around 90 days from birth to falling out! So imagine what they will look like in a few weeks! 

It's on the higher end price wise at £31. But with it's high-performance lengthening qualities that creates the look of ultra-dramatic lashes I'm not fussed about the price.  

The professional moulded brush, with flexible and uniform bristles helps the product glide on perfectly. This creates seriously beyond-beautiful lashes. 

The Mascara Of My Dreams

Since discovering this amazing mascara it's opened up a whole new world of brilliant products that are close to my heart being vegan. I have now started a new journey adding their products to my beauty regime. Not only are the products not tested on animals the ingredients aren't either. That's a little loophole many brands don't share with consumers.

Finding a brand to work with that not only helps the planet, produce incredible products and are supporting the welfare of animals is truly wonderful. If that's not enough it's a company you can join too! If you are looking to start your own business this could be just the thing! Contact me for more information and I can help you have a second income or a secure future. I'm really excited to share loads more products soon on my journey! 

If you want to head over to the shop to purchase your own then here is my Arbonne shop button link. Have a browse and check out all their wonderful products.