Personal Styling

Sarah studied Fashion Design, pattern Cutting and fashion Photography when she was left school and has taken her love of style with her throughout her career. Along this journey she's trained to the highest standard and even been nominated for an award. Sarah's recognised as one of the most highly regarded beauty and style experts in the UK. She has also owned a busy fashion boutique with its own Personal Styling and bra fitting service before she moved to Winchester.

Having a passion for fashion, a natural flair for beauty and a life long journey helping others look simply amazing sarah truly believes the way you look has a powerful impact on the way you feel and carry yourself. “If you look good you feel good” and her personal styling services are for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. All her personal styling services are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, Christmas or just because. This will help you develop your own personal sense of style and give you that much needed air of confidence all women need.

Personal Styling is a great investment as it will help you develop your own style and boost your confidence. It will give you more to wear and in the long run save you tons of money. You will know what truly suits your frame, help you avoid expensive and silly mistakes. You will end up with an entire wardrobe you love and others will admire. No more wasted outfits hanging in your closet or items you may be inclined to purchase on a whim. 

Ask yourself a few questions

  1. How much money do you spend on clothes every month

  2. How many items do you actually wear?

  3. Do you always migrate to the same items day after day?

  4. Do you always say to yourself “I’ve nothing to wear" while staring at a huge packed closet?

  5. Does that dress you once loved still fit?

  6. Do you love your own style?

  7. Do you crave to look effortlessly chic?

  8. Has the shape or cut of once loved items gone out of fashion or looks frumpy?

  9. Do you want to look as good as you can?

  10. Are you baffled by all the different sizes, cuts and trends on the high street?

  11. Have you given up with your makeup as you just don't know what suits your skin tone to compliment your wardrobe?

  12. Do you have a wardrobe or a makeup bag full of black or brown shades?

  13. Do you have the same makeup from when you where younger?

  14. Are you stuck in a rut with your style?

  15. Do you want to update your style as your life has changed?

  16. Have you seen the years fly by and in turn everything about yourself and your style and makeup needs updating?

  17. Do you long for a day when you can feel like the real you and walk tall feeling happy everyday?

  18. Do you hate shopping and put it off at whatever cost?

Many ladies don’t know where to begin when shopping for an outfit or makeup and looking good is something they have bypassed. I have all the skills and professional knowledge to help any woman look phenomenal easily and above all affordably. Every aspect of looking good is easy when you know how and I can help. 

Every stage of your life your body's shape, skin and colouring evolves. Adolescence, maturity, childbirth, menopause and ageing. As a woman you might have an ideal perspective of how you want to look and this can include your wardrobe, makeup and skin. It can be daunting and deeper than that it can affect our daily life. Sarah is here to help you and take all the stress out of your life when it comes to looking good. 

Would you like to look and feel fantastic? Learn the colours that will enhance your makeup, the shapes and styles that suit you and become your own personal stylist. Devote some time to enhancing your look it may change your life. 

Sarah can give you the confidence to feel your best without too much effort! One session with Sarah will put you in the right direction. A totally unique experience where you are helped with every aspect of looking your best. Many clients have told her that it was the best investment they have ever made in themselves.

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Sarah offers wardrobe confidence booster sessions right through to the ultimate personal styling experience. Every singe one of you have very different needs so to get the right service Sarah is just a phone call away. 

Personal Styling Sessions

  • Together with Sarah you can cover everything from your skincare and skin health. With an in depth skincare regime for you to start as soon as you leave.

  • Skincare assessment and tailored advice on brands to purchase for longterm solutions.

  • How to use the right products for your skin type.

  • You can have an HD Brow treatment with specific aftercare advice to maintain the new and improved shape. The products that can help grow in brows and how you can recreate the look at home.

  • Makeup bag detox and advice on future purchases and how to avoid buying all the latest must haves that wont work for your skin type.

  • You can learn easy everyday makeup look to enhance your colouring with a personalised makeup class and colour analysis. This will show you how to introduce the right colours that suit your skin tone, eye colour, completion and help towards aiding your wardrobe choices that will help you look incredible everyday.

  • If you opt for the Ultimate personal styling session you will get your makeup professionally applied with loads of in depth tricks for your own personal face shape, features and lifestyle.

  • You can learn the essential shape for your nails to create elegant hands and a new set of nail extensions, Gel nails, Shellac or manicure & aftercare advice. You will learn what should and should't happen at a nail appointment. What products to use to benefit the health of your nails and all the professional tips you ever need to know.

  • An in depth body shape analysis session that will teach you what genetic body shape you actually are and how to dress correctly for your size, shape, build and personal frame.

  • A professional personal styling session to advise you on all the looks you need to fit in with your lifestyle, work clothes, casual, cocktail dresses etc. Often we have lots of ideas for one area and no clue for another, hence nothing to wear!

  • You will learn about the essential looks you need in your wardrobe for everyday. Along with lifestyle factors that will intern lift your mood and help your existing wardrobe work for you more effectively.

  • You can get your hair styled to accentuate your unique features and advice on new styles or hair goals.

  • What products to use to nourish your hair type and how to look after your locks like a professional.

  • Sarah will help you understand your style preferences, your face shape, body proportions and what you can do to simply enhance YOU.

  • Sarah will look at the styles, cuts, hem lengths that really flatter your figure.

  • You will learn tips to look slimmer, taller or how to minimise other figure problems. Then you will be able to find the best clothes every time go shopping on your own.

  • Finally if that's not enough you could treat yourself to a bespoke photoshoot to show off how wonderful you now look. 


Wardrobe Confidence Booster Session From £295

If you want a more personalised styling experience and you are in the Winchester area Sarah will come to your home and we’ll pull out every item in your wardrobe. Then the fun begins by playing dressing up. A wonderful few hours putting together outfits to enable you to actually wear what you have in your wardrobe without all the headaches! Saving you time and money in the fun process. Then your wardrobe is merchandised so effectively you won't spend countless stollen hours deciding what on earth to wear! Having a wardrobe full of un-loved items can be depressing and the thought of clearing out the mountains of garments can be upsetting when you think of how much you have spent on impulse purchases. Then the actual thought of sorting, decision making and then shopping feels exhausting! Sarah is here to be your fairy god mother to take away all the stress. She will help rebuild your closet, your self confidence, your appearance and your sense of style. A standard confidence booster session will last about 2-3 hours.

Whats included:

  • Body shape analysis is part of the session and you will get an understanding of how to dress for your genetic shape.

  • You will see areas where you have made classic mistakes.

  • Sarah will teach you what looks and shapes to shop for for your body type.

  • You will see amazing outfits come together from what you already have.

  • Sarah will define the colours which work for your skin tone and makeup in the process.

  • She will help you enhance your own style which reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.

  • The right styles of jewellery and accessories to look for.

  • The type of fabrics, tailoring and cuts that will flatter your frame perfectly.

  • You will be left feeling confident in your own clothes that have been hidden in your wardrobe for years.

  • You will have an entire working wardrobe that is utterly incredible.

  • Any areas needing assistance you will be able to fill knowing what to look for in the future.

  • You’ll be able to easily, quickly and effortlessly get dressed every day saving you valuable time.

Personal Styling Shopping Session £295

Going shopping with an expert is the best way to help you look great, feel fantastic and most of all stylish. Plus you will save time, effort & money! Sarah can help you look and feel amazing everyday. She can inspire and teach you all the tricks you need for your particular frame, colouring and lifestyle. This will enable you to confidently go shopping on your own without making expensive mistakes ever again. One session could be all you need. A standard personal styling session will last about 4-5 hours

The Personal Styling day includes:

  • A fun chat about what you would love to ultimately get out of the experience.

  • We will cover your goals and aims and most importantly the areas you really want to change.

  • We will select a range of different clothes that will suit you and your body shape so you need not leave the changing room!

  • Clothing and accessories will be sorted for you to mix and match. Any occasion will and can be covered.

  • The day will give you new found knowledge of how you can look your best and find the perfect style clothing to suit your body shape.

  • We will ensure that everything you buy makes you look and feel fantastic.

  • We will make sure you know what colours to avoid and what will bring out the best in your skin tone.

  • You will learn personal styling tips and tricks to make you look effortlessly polished everyday.

  • We will share years of personal styling tricks with you and let you pick our brains.

All You Need To Do Is...

  1. Make sure you have a good breakfast before embarking on your shopping spree. Shopping requires a lot of energy

  2. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that can be easily removed as constantly changing in and out of your clothes can be time consuming and exhausting

  3. keep jewellery to a minimum too!

  4. Please inform me if you have a budget. I can work around most financial situations as long as I know in advance!

  5. Wear comfy shoes.

  6. Perhaps you would love to have a new set of pictures taken. Well I can help with that as I’m also a professional photographer. Have some fun and capture the new you too!

All the personal styling bookings must be made at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment. To make an appointment please use the contact page. All fees are due in full before the start of a consultation. For any reason you are unable to make your appointment, you must inform me at least 48 hours before the scheduled time.